KIGG Limited is a leading British designer, developer and manufacturer of electrical and electronic systems for private industry, governments and non-governmental organisations. Originating as a technology provider for kWh meter factories, it now helps companies & Entrepreneurs to setup Energy meter factories,Transfers know how of Metering technology and also helpt to upgrade the Test and Measurement equipments to the Utilities.

KIGG Systems India Pvt Ltd. is the sister concern of KIGG U.K.
KIGG U.K had sold many of the test and measurement equipments through its partner in India earlier. and now has its own presence through KIGG Systems India Pvt Ltd.

KIGG Systems India Pvt Ltd. will provide all the Test and Measurement Equipments made by KIGG U.K, and provide various solutions to the Utility companies and other organisations to help them build a better smart grid as KIGG has Test and Measurement Equipments that help to test the equiments used in transmission and Distribution of power in the grid.
KIGG’s success has been driven particularly by a strong focus on research and development, and its years of experience in the Test and Measurement business across the globe, and its focus to remain updated using advance technologies.