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Relay Testing

Providing Everything You Need


Microprocessor based fully automatic three phase Relay-Test kit


  • 6 Current and 6 voltage Channels

  • Aux DC supply

  • Binary I/O available

  • Fault playback/COMTRADE

  • It can used for testing of all types relay (electronic as well as electro mechanical) used in industry and substations

  • Used in testing of Protection system

  • Used as Secondary Injection Kit

  • Operated by PC Test Software.

Microprocessor based Relay-Test kit
(As per RDSO)


  • This kit has 3 Current and 4 voltage Channel output

  • DC auxiliary output

  • Large display to set the test values

  • Testing of all types relay (electronic as well as electro mechanical) used in industry and substations

  • Used railways to test their system

  • It can be used as Secondary Injection Kit

  • This kit can be Operated by PC Test Software as well as Manually


Fully automated and customizable test bench

A test bench completely customizable to your company's needs and specifications helping you approach your testing process in a scientific manner. 

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